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A Night of the D-Floor and into The Comics Lounge for an Energia Night Out

A group of friends posing in front of The Comics Lounge banner
Energia Night Out at The Comics Lounge

Friends at The Comics Lounge in North Melbourne got in touch with me, Angela a few weeks ago with some free tix to see some of the new shows. Essentially we were the test crowd for comics to try out their new stuff and an Energia night out was had!

I put an email out and posted it in our Melbourne Energia FB group that, whomever wanted to join, could get free tickets for a fun night out and thus, a fun night was born. A bunch of our Las Diosas team and a few others joined.

There was yummy food and delicious drinks were consumed, good conversations before the show and some of the acts were very, very funny!

Was a great night out for the Energia peeps of the dance floor and doing something different. For us, the community we've built around us isn't just about the classes we go to, but also about the people we're in them with.

What should we do for our next non-dance social night out?

Energia Positiva

Angela and the Energia Crew

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