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Fiesta Down Under: Our Crew Lights Up Vida Latin Festival with our Samba, Salsa and Bachata Teams in Melbourne!

We just tore up the dance floor at the Vida Latin Festival in Melbourne, and it was an absolute blast! Our students brought the house down with killer moves and contagious energy, proving you don't need a pro title to own the stage.

The Show-Stoppers: Our crew had a 20-minute mini-showcase; let me tell you, it was 🔥!

Vida Latin Festival is an annual festival put on by Casablanca Events. It's a latin festival that has food trucks, workshops, performers, live music, a bar, stalls and lots of high vibes right in the heart of Melbourne 🎉

Las Diosas, our ladies' team, kicked things off with a Bachata Shines that left the crowd begging for more. These ladies know how to bring the heat! Later in the set, they performed their Salsa routine that even had the lady leads showing us that these women can do it all.

Salsa Energia brought the fire with a dynamite partner routine. Seriously, the chemistry between them and the audience was off the charts. Considering some of them have only ever performed once prior, and this was a slightly more difficult floor given it was a removable floor on the grass, they smashed it.

Angie, an absolute dance queen, stole the spotlight with a mind-blowing Samba solo. The girl's got moves that'll make your jaw drop – Rio Carnival, anyone? Angie is a natural-born performer, and it's always clear the audience loves her within the first 5 seconds of her stepping out onto a stage!

MUDC took us on a Bachata journey with a stunning partner routine. Highlighting that if you put the work in, it shows because they were, without a doubt, fab-u-loso 🙌🏽

Double Trouble with Samba Energia: Samba Energia hit us with not one but TWO routines. First, the Samba Malandro routine proved that Samba isn't just entertaining in feathers and bikinis. The incredible Nana not only choreographed this routine to be entertaining, but she educated the crowd on her culture without us even realising it. The students then flipped the script with another killer Samba routine this time choreographed by Angela Fayth. This time, Astrid literally finished one routine, swapped a hat for a tiara and began the next. Okay, Miss Samba Fitness 👏🏼

No Pros, All Fun: Here's the most incredible part – none of these dancers are pro! Angie's the only semi-pro in the mix, but trust us, every performer brought their A-game. It shows you don't need a fancy title to bring the party – just a lot of passion and a love for Latin dance!

The Vida Latin Festival was an absolute blast, and we couldn't be prouder of our dance peeps. These types of events are part of the reason students consider joining an Energia performance team learning Samba, Salsa, Bachata and more in Melbourne! We're all about the fun, the vibes, the memories made with new and old friends, and the unforgettable moments on the dance floor. Who knows, maybe next time it'll be you stealing the show at the next big festival! Dance on, amigos! 💃🕺

3 ladies from Las Diosas a Melbourne ladies dance team performing in red, white and silver costumes
Las Diosas performing a Bachata routine at Vida Latin Festival

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