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Studio Vision

Allowing any person to walk into our studio and immediately feel positive vibes. Allowing space for the classic 'I can't dance because I have two left feet' person realise, it's just that they hadn't yet learnt and created a space for those who want to take their love and passion for dance as seriously as they can, chasing their goals with high-quality coaching.


We accept everyone equally. We are an inclusive studio in that, we use language such as lead and follow instead of man and woman so matter which role you're drawn to learn, you can do so with out the constructs of pervious ways.

Energia Studios was born

Energia Studios was born from the mind of Angela Fayth, the founder and director. After owning a children's dance studio, founding one of Australias biggest salsa schools that excelled in the beginners and training the most hardcore of dancers who won many trophies, she wanted to start a studio that was a little more boutique and a little different from the others. 

Angela is a highly skilled leader and follower and wanted for the studios' partner work classes to not be defined by men or women's roles, rather the roles they literally were dancing. Therefore making the classes inclusive. 

She wanted the studio to feel like a safe space for all to explore their solo dancing and for fitness classes to make you forget you were doing them to get fit because they were so much fun.


She wanted the studio to feel like a home away from home... 

Alas, Energia Studios was born. 

Instructors & Studio Hosts

Angela Fayth

Angela - Director & Instructor

Angela's dance background has been both eclectic and well rounded. Falling in love with dance as a late teen in a country town and moving to Melbourne to commence her full-time training, which then leads her to an impressive career to date. With training in acrobatics, jazz and tap to flamenco, samba and salsa when just looking at a few from her list. She's placed 2nd in the world in Salsa Couples, Cha Cha Cha & Salsa Solo. She has numerous Australian titles as a soloist, in couples, teams, pro-ams and more. She's also been a judge in many competitions both nationally and internationally.

She was a finalist on Australia's Got talent, the only latin dance couple to make it that far. A dancer or film clips and backup dancing for the Veronica's are also amongst some of her many achievements. While she loves to perform, she has a HUGE love of sharing her knowledge and passion, teaching people to dance from the absolute beginners to our next generation of professional dancers.

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