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Performance & Competition Opportunities

There are three types of opportunities with Energia Studios. 

1. Fun based performances at Studio Parties, Showcase, Video Clips & Local Events. When you sign up for a team, it will be for a specific amount of time for a specific event. Such as 8 -12 weeks of rehearsals to perform at the showcase and then all other performance opportunities are offered, and you choose what you wish to participate in from there. Costumes would be a small expense.

2. Ultimate & Queen teams are focused based teams at Competitions, Festivals, Showcases & more. This is the type of team that runs consistently throughout the year, has a strong focus on technique, performance quality and seek continual improvement. These teams would train regularly and have many goal performances that they aim for. You would be expected to be in at least one class on top of your competition rehearsals. Although not a requirement, if your goal is to be paid for dancing, this is where you would start. Costumes would be a medium expense. 

3. Gigs where you are paid to dance. We perform at Weddings, Corporate Functions, Private Events & more. If you are a part of this crew, your development is of the utmost importance. Being a professional dancer does not start and finish on the dance floor. Opportunities sometimes come up with only a days notice and others, months notice. We always need to be ready. Costumes would be more expensive.

Samba Energia performing at Melbourne Latin Festival
Fun, Once off teams
Energia Studios taking the final bow at the September Latin Festival
All Year Teams
High Vibes Entertainment performing at Copacabana

Our Next Big Events

Local Events

​Our end of year showcase held at The Space Skydeck on Saturday 25th of November. Rehearsals start the week of the 18th of September.

Ask us about joining a team today.

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