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2023 at a Term Dates

We group dance classes in Melbourne by 4-week terms. While you can join classes anywhere in the term, we highly recommend you join in week 1 or 2 to get the best out of the term.  Here's what 2024 looks like at a glance.

NEXT TERM 👉🏽 29th July to 25th August  2024

🖐🏽 Before you book a class, make sure to create a profile on our website so that you can log in and see your classes, how many classes you have left on a pass, and cancel or reschedule classes.

Class Timetable

Private Lessons


Private Lessons are a great way to ensure you get that one-on-one attention you need.

You can book a single lesson, a pack of 3 or 5. 

Book for Wedding Dance Lessons, Competition Training, Technique Training or for whatever reason, you need that one-on-one lesson. Please make sure to create a login before purchasing so you can see the lesson on your account as well as reschedule or cancel if needed. 

Prices are for a lesson and not per person however, if you're making a booking for a small group of over 5 people, contact us at as the price differs.

Online Salsa, Bachata, Samba Dance Classes

Get access to classes on demand. Online Salsa, Bachata, Samba dance classes & more when you sign up

Just $20 p/w *cancel at anytime

Online Dance Classes
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