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How do you Make Friends as an Adult?

If you found yourself pondering those same questions, you're not alone. The post-school, post-college, post-everything phase of life can sometimes leave us feeling a bit isolated. I've had many conversations with people over the years about how tough it is to make friends as adults outside of work.

In this article by Jordan Harbinger he speaks about one of the best ways to actually meet people to give you the chance of making new friends is to actively engage in new activities. Obviously we're going to say Adult Dance Classes are the perfect opportunity however we're not just saying it to get bodies in classes. We've seen it with our eyes time and time again. Friendships created. Best friends made and from time to time, even life partners are connected.

One of the best things though is that it works for different types of people. You're an extrovert and super out there, classes are perfect. You're an introvert and don't like the spotlight but you're happy in a group setting, amazing!

There's three situations that learning dance is amazing for meeting new people.

Classes for Everyone: The start of making friends as adults

Have you ever noticed that some of life's best experiences happen when you're sharing them with others and you don't even need to know them? Think about concerts, sports matches *ahem - the Matilda's perhaps* and of course dance classes. That's exactly what our group classes at Energia Studios are all about. Joining one of our classes isn't just about learning to dance; it's about the camaraderie, the laughter, and the connections that form naturally when you're dancing side by side with others who are just as excited, or maybe even as nervous as you are. It's the perfect setting to learn, have fun, and build friendships that go beyond the dance floor.

Energia Teams: Where Bonds Are Forged

After 20 years in the teaching game, one thing I've witnessed is the magic

Male and female dancers taking a bow after performing a latin dance extravaganza. They are wearing blue, white and silver costumes and are salsa, bachata and samba dancers.
Taking our final bow after performing our latin dance extravaganza at the September Latin Festival

of friendship forming right here on our dance teams. A bunch of strangers signing up for a team, week in week out attending rehearsals and by the time the showcase or event has happened, there's pockets of friends, if not the whole team now catching up for dinner.

The fun had in rehearsals, the frustrations shared, the build up of nerves just before walking out on stage and finally, the rush of endorphins when you walk off stage together, screaming and cheering in the change rooms because you did it!

Social Nights: Latin Dance Parties

Attending a Latin social dance night is like stepping into a world of vibrant energy, rhythm, and connection. It's not just about dancing; it's an experience that offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it's a fantastic way to stay active and boost your physical fitness while having fun. The sensual and lively Latin dances, like salsa and bachata, engage your entire body, enhancing your balance and coordination. Moreover, these nights are a cultural immersion, allowing you to embrace the rich traditions of Latin dance and music. But perhaps the most significant advantage is the opportunity to forge new friendships and deepen existing ones. And best yet, they are great for different types of people. For the super outgoing who, when not dancing you'll catch them chatting to someone and for the quieter personalities who's happy to have a dance and then take a moment watching from the side lines. There's not much else that works for both and dance, in particular latin dancing, really does!

The Energia Vibe

Energia Studios isn't just a place to dance; it's a place to belong. We're a community of people who believe in the power of dance to bring joy and camaraderie into our lives. Whether you're an introvert looking to break out of your shell or an extrovert searching for kindred spirits, you're welcome here. We're all about creating a space where you can be yourself, make friends, and just have a bluddy good time!

Book a class today. You wont regret it. It might just be your new favourite addiction!

Thoughts of mine - Angela Fayth

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