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Our Weekend at the World Salsa Solo, Brisbane ๐Ÿ…

Last weekend we had 3 dancers compete in Brisbane at the World Salsa Solo.

Vikram competed in men's salsa shines in the amateur division. It was a routine that had the skeleton choreographed by Angela Fayth and Vikram changed and altered sections as he went along. He had ended up training this solo for almost two years due to not getting to compete last year due to covid. His skills had increased immensely in those two years and he had performed a seamless run on the day.

Alyssa competed in the amateur samba solo with a routine choreographed by both Angela Fayth and herself and it was completed in two hours. Alyssa walked out on stage looking like she owned it and smashed out a high energy routine.

Cassandra competed with a routine choreographed by Sophie from Fรญsica Dance. She competed in the amateur samba solo division and her smile was big enough to take up the stage. You couldn't help but feel the joy she had when dancing watching her.

Alyssa and Cassandra, who also happen to be sisters, competed in the amateur samba duets division with a routine choreographed by Angela Fayth and the girls adjusted as they saw fit! It was so incredibly beautiful to watch the sisters on stage together.

Angela was also on the judging panel judging, semi-pro and pro-am solos, duets and couples as well as some professional couples.

The weekend had both competition and festival when Angela taught one of the last workshops of the weekend and was assigned a cha cha cha shines workshop. Worried the workshop would be quiet given it was the last workshop and there were international artists teaching workshops in the same time slot. The workshop was full though and Angela said "It was so great to see so many people I have taught over the years while living in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney attending the workshop. Made my heart full."

It was so great to get back to such a massive event after shmovid and we're really proud of our team for the great work they all did.

If you're interested in performing or competing, send us a message and we can have a chat about it with you -

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