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New to Energia

Firstly, welcome! Secondly, get ready for the fun! Whether this is your date night fun thing to do together or it's a way to meet new peeps, prove yourself wrong and see you don't really have two left feet or just want to move your body that's more fun than traditional fitness classes - this will become your weekly dopamine hit. We promise you'll laugh, learn to dance, and meet some pretty fab people! 

Brand new to dancing or dancing these styles? See how our levels work here!

Want to know how much of an investment classes will be? Check out our pricing here!

Have a few more questions? Check out our FAQ's here!


We run progressive Salsa and Samba dance classes in Melbourne and Brisbane by 4-week terms, We always recommend beginning at the start of the term however, if you've got a pep in your step and you're as keen as a bean, ready to start, feel free to jump in mid-way through a term! 

Remaining terms for the year: 

  • Term Twelve: 30th Oct

  • Term Thirteen: 5th Dec *3 week term*

Start Dancing Today

Energia Studios Salsa & Bachata Melbourne Brisbane Redlands Salsa

Tuesdays 6:30 pm

Samba Class Melbourne 1_1.jpg

Tuedays 7:30 pm




8 Weeks | 2 Terms

Basics level classes are perfect for the newbies or those returning after a dance hiatus. You can join at the start of either term as they are interchangable however you need to complete both before moving on.


24 Weeks | 6 Terms
Improvers consists of 6 interchangable terms worth of content to cover all the foundations of the style you're learning.  Each term consists of a new concept to learn and apply to your dancing.



How long is a piece of string?

It's hard to define how long you may attend intermediate because it's a level where you could repeate and the more you know, the more you're able to take more on.  Intermediate is about the details.


As long as you're having fun

Open level mean that dances who are brand new or have danced before, can all attend this class due to the way it's stuctured.  The instructor will give various options within the same class so you can go at the pace that suits you. 

Payment options

Paymet Optons

Casual Class Passes

$25 per class

You can rock up on the night and pay casually to the studio host. 

Pro: it's casual and no commitment. Con: you don't get the best deal.


Pay on the night
Energia Studios Salsa & Bachata Social

Term Pass

$70 per term

A term pass enrols you into all for weeks of that term and it's the best deal if you're doing one to two classes per week.​

This option works out to $17.50 per class.


Energia Studios Salsa Class.jpg


$39 - $59 per week

We have two subscription options. 

1. $39 p/w for unlimited classes

2. $59 p/w for unlimited performance teams and classes.

The more you dance, the more you save!

$39 - $59

  • What footwear should I use?
    The general rule of thumb is to ensure that your shoes have swivelability (yes we made that word up however we know you already know what it means 😆). The second rule of thumb is to ensure your shoes don't easily come off. Thongs, slip ons and heels without straps are not recommended. Now if you have become a dance addict and want to take your dancing to the next level you could purchase a pair of Taygra dance shoes that can be worn inside and outside. Or you can buy dance shoes both flats and heels from Vivaz Dance and get yourself a cheeky 15% discount if you use the code ANGE15!
  • What should I wear to classes?
    For partner work classes such as Salsa and Bachata, we recommend you wear things that will help keep you cool and won't get caught while dancing. In the warmer months it may mean bringing a change of top because remember, whilst connecting with another person, you don't want to touch a top dripping with sweat. That could also mean being aware of the types of materials you wear and bringing a change of top in warmer months. For Brazilian Samba, Bollywood, heels, performance teams and any other high Energia classes we highly recommend activewear.
  • Do I need to bring my own partner? Do I have to swap partners in the partner classes?
    No, you do not need to bring your own partner. We change partners in the class and there are plenty of people who come on their own. ​ If you do bring your own partner and don't wish to swap, just let the instructor know. There are many benefits in changing partners though we understand that at times, you need to get comfortable before changing partners.

Good Things to Know About us


We are an inclusive school. What does that mean? It means all of our partner work classes use language such as lead & follow, strong & flow. We don't mind how you identify or who you love. We're here to dance so choose whether you would like to lead, or to follow. 

Ali & Ange SFI_edited.jpg


The thing we hear the most, from people & what they love about Energia studios, is our community. We pride ourselves on a positive, inclusive, warm community. Part of that has to do with ensuring you, our students have a safe space to be comfortable to make mistakes in class. Be comfortable to come to us with any concerns within the community. 


On top of that, we love to host a good shindig. We aim to host 1 dance social event & 1 non dance social even a term.  

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