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Firstly welcome to Energia studios! We're honoured to have you join us. We are the place you'll come for the dance & fitness and find yourself staying for the people. 

Good Things to Know About us


We are an inclusive school. What does that mean? It means all of our partner work classes use language such as lead & follow, strong & flow. We don't mind how you identify with your gender, choose whether you would like to lead, or to follow. 


The thing we hear the most, from people & what they love about Energia studios, is our community. We pride ourselves on a positive, inclusive, warm community. Part of that has to do with ensuring you, our students have a safe space to be comfortable to make mistakes in class. Be comfortable to come to us with any concerns within the community. 


On top of that, we love to host a good shindig. We aim to host 1 dance social event & 1 non dance social even a term.  




How long will Energia Studios Be closed for?

Energia Studios will be closed for as long as the DHHS, the Victorian Government & we, feel it is safe for our community to return & continue our positive Energia vibes. 

When the studio opens, what are you doing to keep it COVID Safe?

We have & will be implementing a number of things in line with the DHHS & Ausdance Victoria. These may change over time how ever our initial opening procedure will include

  • A deep clean of the studio before classes start for the day

  • All students must pre-purchase classes online so that we have contact details

  • We will keep distance requirements in place

  • We will take attendance of each class so we know who was physically in the class

  • Students & instructors will need to wash their hands as the first thing they do when they walk through the door and each & every time they use the bathroom

  • Students & instructors will be asked to not attend if they feel any symptoms, have been near anyone with symptoms or anyone who has travelled in the previous 2 weeks

  • We will be cleaning the main contact areas between each class

  • We will have sanitisers on hand

  • Students will need to bring their own mats to Pilates & yoga

How do Online classes work?

Take class from the comfort of your own home or take us with you on holidays. We are use the platform. You will need to sign up for an account with (you can use a free account) and download the app onto your laptop or which ever device you will watch from. Using the app is a much friendly user experience than using a web browser. If you are able to cast it on to your TV, the instructors will almost feel like they're in the room with you. You'll then go to our list of classes and each week book the classes you wish to attend & you'll automatically receive a zoom link which, once it's time for class, will let you in immediately.

When you first click the link, the app will ask you if you would like to join with audio & video, set that up to be automatic. Then each time you log into class, you'll enter a waiting room which the instructor will let you in to once they are ready. We suggest you 'pin' the instructor so they are the main screen you see, turn off your mic unless you have a question so that the sounds in your home don't interfere with the class. 

We also recommend downloading the application rather than running the class through your browser.

Online Classes

What Footwear is Best?

For online dance & Zumba classes we recommend shoes of some form. Whether you wear Taygra flat dance shoes that you can wear on all surfaces, runners that give you some swivel ability or jazz shoes, something that will protect your soles (they can burn on the floor if they aren't covered) that are more than socks which can cause you to slip. For pilates and yoga classes you can  wear barefeet. 


In studio classes you can wear latin dance shoes, Taygra's or secure street shoes that won't allow your foot to fall in and our of the shoe.  

What Clothes Should I Wear?

 For online dance & fitness classes we recommend clothes of some sort that you can easily move in. If your camera is off, it's your choice just how covered you are. Camera on, please cover the important parts. What ever you wear you don't want it to be to baggy that your finger gets caught as you swish your arm around.  You don't want the clothes so restrictive that you can't kick your head... even if you literally can't kick your own head.

In studio classes for partner work classes we recommend you wear things that will help keep you cool and also remember whilst connecting with another person, you don't want to touch a top dripping with sweat. That could mean being aware of the types of materials you wear and bringing a change of top in warmer months. For fitness classes such as zumba, pilates, yoga and performance classes, we highly recommend activewear. 

For other classes, street clothes are fine. 


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