It's time for our second for event of the lockdown and this time we have an extremely charismatic pair leading the evenings proceedings. Be prepared, with these two in charge, the nights about to get a little wobbly... and that's before we drink the cocktails!

WHO: You, Me & Dupree... not that I even know who that is. I think it's a movie?

WHAT: An online social event with Vikram the Cocktail King teaching us how to make a cocktail (mocktail style available too) & Bethanie, Queen of the kitchen teaching us how to make a delicious vegetarian dish (meat can be added for all the carnivores)

WHEN: Friday 2nd October 2020

TIME: 6pm onwards

WHERE: Online via zoom

INVESTMENT: FREE to attend  but you will need to buy your own ingredients

REGISTER: Via this link 


Recipes - Shawarma Carrots with Chickpea Flatbreads & "Another Bloody Cocktail"

Equipment - 4 mixing bowls (or 2 and reuse with washing), 2 baking dishes, a large fry pan, and a small saucepan
Will feed 2-3 peeps

6 large carrots (or 12 small)
3 large beetroot (or 6 small)
1 large Spanish (red) onion
A big handful of leaves – rocket, watercress, radicchio, whatever is your favourite!
2 cups of Besan (chickpea) flour – CANNOT substitute! I promise that your local IGA has it.
½ cup smoked almonds, roughly chopped – don't be getting plain, boring almonds!
1 Large Blood Orange per cocktail (can be substituted with sweet oranges like Cara Cara)
Your favourite neutral/sweet white spirit – Rum, Vodka, Cachaça or Tequila (optional)
400gm lamb to be grilled or fried to include in the wrap for omnivore participants (optional)

Herbs and Spices
1/2 bunch fresh coriander
1/2 bunch of flat leaf parsley
1/2 bunch of mint – try pilfering from your neighbour or nana!
3 teaspoon ground cumin seeds (toast them and grind them yourself, or buy already ground cumin)
¼ teaspoon ground coriander seed
(optional) cardamom pods

1 cup of yoghurt – any plain, savoury kind (Greek, coconut, etc)
1 cup of milk – absolutely any kind; cow, almond, unicorn, whatevs
½ teaspoon of baking powder
½ cup olive oil
¼ cup lemon juice
2 teaspoons of honey
Caster Sugar
Ice (much more than you think you need! 8 large ice cubes per drink)
Soda Water (a few hundred ml per drink, so you don't need a huge bottle)



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