Wanting to take your dancing to the next level?

If you've been about the block for a little while, by now you know if you are just keen to have a boogie and not stress about the finer details or, you want to smash every single technique and become the best possible dancer you can be on the stage and the social dance floor. 

If the latter is where it's at for you, then ULTIMATE is for YOU!!

Ultimate is a 10-week commitment where you will learn to train the way pro's train. 

This season, we will be working on musicality and how to do it with partnerwork, with shines and the difference in choreography to freestyle musicality. 

You'll be smashing drills like no tomorrow & working dayum hard on your skills. 

We only allow 16 people, accepted by a small interview process into the class. 

If you're interested, fill out our Ultimate application!