Should I attend a class?

How long will Energia Studios premise be closed? 

We will be closed until the government tell us it is safe to go back to our day to day lives in group gatherings.

Are you showing signs of cold or flu? Sore throat, fever, cough or fatigue etc


Please seek medical advice and do not attend a class for at least 14 days.

More Information about Coronavirus Symptons

Vic Government Updates


Energia Studio Policy

Wash your hands!!!

Please wash your hands before and after your class. Try to limit touching your face as much as you can, tie up your hair so it is out of your face.

Don't attend if you are unwell


Stay home if you are even a little unwell to make sure we can stop the spread.

No Hi5's, handshakes, or kisses!!


Keep your body to yourself and just wave to your friends and teachers.

Will partner classes go ahead?

Yes, BUT!!! we will run shine and technique classes in its place so that you do not have to touch anyone.

Studio Closure

We will close the studio if Schools and Universities are shut down.

Lollie Jar NO MORE

Obviously to prevent the spread of the virus

Social Classes

These will be restricted to people who have attended the class, no outsiders to attend.

Online Classes may replace certain classes


We will keep you posted

BYO Hand Sanitiser


It is super hard to buy now, so please supply your own.

Refunds for Class/Vip Memberships etc

We will try and provide a substitute where possible to continue classes as normal. In the event we can not we will address these as they come.




Effective Monday, March 16th, 2020, our studio is transitioning from group classes at Energia Studios to online & live streaming platforms for students to enjoy from the comfort of their home. With these new classes & class set ups, we understand there are many questions about online live streaming classes, studio closures & much more.  Please be patient as we try to answer everyone's question in a timely manner. 




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