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This COVIDSafe Plan has been developed to support Energia Studios to safely reopen, maintain a COVIDSafe workplace and prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace.


The workplace being Energia Studios and

Energia Studios: Plan completed by: Angela Fayth

1/171 Lygon St, Carlton

Date reviewed: 5th November 2020

1. Ensure physical distancing

Workers, students and visitors are required to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and others at all times.

Workers, students and visitors will be supervised by an Energia Studios Covid Marshall at all times to ensure that social distancing occurs.

  • Workers, students and visitors have been supplied with training to outline the importance of social distancing and hygiene.

  • Signs have been displayed in all common areas advertise the social distancing policy.

  • Floor markings have been installed to guide correct social distance. Markings are present in common areas, waiting areas and classrooms.

Where possible, employees will work from home. This includes but is not limited to administrative tasks, staff meetings and staff training sessions.

Entrances and exits have been arranged and clearly marked to allow for flow of traffic and to prevent congestion.

Waiting areas are closed. Employees, Visitors and Students are required to wait in their vehicle and/or arrive/depart on time.

Numbers of patrons (other than staff) on site has been limited to {insert numbers}.

Numbers of staff on site has been limited to {insert numbers}
Where students are under the age of 18 and arrive with a parent of guardian, the parent/guardian is not permitted inside the premises.

There is no entry permitted to the general public.
Signage has been displayed to notify delivery drivers of contactless delivery options.

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2. Wear a face covering

All employees are required to wear a face covering.

All students aged 12 years & over are required to wear a face covering.

Students aged under 12 years have the option to wear a face covering.

Screens have been installed to give further protection to employees.

Employees and students have received training on how to wear a mask correctly and maintain the quality of the mask.

Staff, students and visitors will be supervised by the {insert studio name} Covid Marshall to ensure that mask wearing policies are adhered to.

Masks are available to any member who may require a mask.

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3. Practise good hygiene

The premises will be cleaned regularly. This is supported by the attached cleaning schedule.

High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently. This is supported by the attached cleaning schedule.

Where possible communal high touch items have been removed, or replaced with more hygienic alternatives. This includes (but is not limited to) the eftpos machine is no longer available for use, equipment which has been removed and classroom props which have also been removed.

Hand soap and Hand sanitizer is available for all staff, students and visitors. Signs have been placed to advertise and encourage it’s use.

Staff and students have received training in regard to hygiene standards.

Signage has been installed to advertise hygiene protocols.

A {insert studio name} Covid Marshall will supervise hygiene in all common areas.

Temperature checks are mandatory upon entry.

Staff will be required to complete a health questionnaire attending each shift to determine if they are fit to attend.

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4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell

Staff have received notification and training outlining that they must stay at home if they present mild symptoms, have been required to self isolate, if they are waiting Covid 19 test results, have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid 19, or if have been in contact with an indicudual who is waiting for Covid 19 test results.

In the result of a staff member, student or visitor testing ositive to Covid 19, or being tested for Covid 19, a text message and email will be sent to those who were a close contact at our premises.

A sign in sheet has been established to log all visitors to the premises outlinging the date and time they attended. This will enable contact tracing.

Where a Covid 19 case has been present within the workplace, the premises will be closed for a minimum of 48 hours to allow for a deep clean of all areas. Re-opening of the business will only occur with approval of DHHS.

Where a Covid 19 case has been present within the workplace, DHHS will be contacted by the director {insert Directors name}. A copy of the risk assessment will be supplied as well as close contacts of the Covid 19 patient.

Where a Covid 19 case has been present within the workplace, Worksafe will be contacted by the director {insert Directors name}.

In the result of a required closure as instructed by DHHS, all members will contacted via text message and email. Once approved by DHHS, {insert business name} will re-open and notify all members via email and text message.

Information regarding any closures will also be advertised on social media pages and the studio website {insert web address}.

All staff, visitors and students will be required to verbally/digitally agree to being fit to attend prior to each visit.

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5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

All doors will remain open to allow for optimal air flow.

All windows will remain open to allow for optimal air flow.

Confined spaces with minimal air flow will be closed and not available for use.

Where possible, meetings and gatherings will be held online or outside.

Air conditioning systems will be used to promote fresh air flow.

Patrons permitted in each area will meet the density requirements of one person per 4 square metres.

Retail sales, payments, and inquiry procedures have moved to online only.

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6. Create workforce bubbles

Staff rosters allow for a gap between shift changes to avoid the amount of workers crossing over on site at any one time.

Staff will undertake any breaks in their vehicle and not in a shared area.

Classes have been structured and scheduled to create bubbles. Students in a particular age group will all attend at the one time, without breaks or crossover periods with other students.

Class start times have been staggered to limit the amount of patrons entering the building at any one time.

Class finish times have been staggered to limit the amount of patrons exiting the building at any one time.

Students and Staff have been allocated to one designated space for the duration of their visit/shift/session to avoid sharing spaces.

Where possible, staff will limit their exposure to other workplaces, social settings and public places.

Records will be kept of staff members work undertaken at alternative workplaces.

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Energia Studio Policy

Wash your hands!!!

Please wash your hands before and after your class. Try to limit touching your face as much as you can, tie up your hair so it is out of your face.

Don't attend if you are unwell


Stay home if you are even a little unwell to make sure we can stop the spread.

No Hi5's, handshakes, or kisses!!


Keep your body to yourself and just wave to your friends and teachers.

Will partner classes go ahead?

Yes, BUT!!! we will run shine and technique classes in its place so that you do not have to touch anyone.

Studio Closure

We will close the studio if Schools and Universities are shut down.

Lollie Jar NO MORE

Obviously to prevent the spread of the virus

Social Classes

These will be restricted to people who have attended the class, no outsiders to attend.

Online Classes may replace certain classes


We will keep you posted

BYO Hand Sanitiser


It is super hard to buy now, so please supply your own.

Refunds for Class/Vip Memberships etc

We will try and provide a substitute where possible to continue classes as normal. In the event we can not we will address these as they come.




Effective Monday, March 16th, 2020, our studio is transitioning from group classes at Energia Studios to online & live streaming platforms for students to enjoy from the comfort of their home. With these new classes & class set ups, we understand there are many questions about online live streaming classes, studio closures & much more.  Please be patient as we try to answer everyone's question in a timely manner. 



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