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Term Courses, Memberships & Private lessons are all essential if you want to make that transition to become a better, more confident dancer.


Memberships are perfect for lovers of dance. If you participate in 2 or more classes a week, memberships will be a better value for your $$.

Term Course

Participating in a full 6-week term over casual classes means you will be able to learn in line with the dance lesson curriculum as planned by the teacher.  Our teachers make sure they are covering all the fundamentals over a term period. You will also learn so much quicker and be a better dance in a course then sporadically attending casual classes. GIVE IT A GO!

How to use your Course, Membership or Package...

  1. Select your course, membership or package

  2. Purchase Item - If you haven't already

  3. Log into members page (you may need to sign up if you haven't already)

  4. Proceed to Book Online

  5. Select your class

  6. Choose the date of the class

  7. On the right side, your information panel should show how many sessions you have left.

  8. Book Class.

By doing the above, it helps us budget for how many people will be attending a class and it will also help with future planning of classes in general. Please make sure to let us know which classes you will be attending.

See the individual course, membership or package for terms and conditions.