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2022 at a Glance

We group classes by 6-week terms. While you can join classes anywhere in the term, we highly recommend you join in week 1 or 2 to get the best out of the term. 

Here's what 2022 looks like at a glance.

Term One - 3rd January to 13th February 

Term Two - 14th February to 27th March 

Term Three - 28th March to 8th May

Term Four - 9th May to 19th June 👈🏽 Now running

SHOWCASE - Saturday18th June 

Term Five - 20th June to 31st July

Term Six - 1st August to 10th September 

Term Seven - 11th September to 23rd October

Term Eight - 24th October to 4th December

Summer Holiday Program

5th December to 18th December 

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  • Group classes start at $15 per lesson

  • Private classes start at $85 per lesson

  • Welcome to the Dance Floor parties start at $15

  • In-person unlimited class subscriptions start at $55 per week

  • Online classes on-demand starting at $20 per week