We work on a term & season basis. With goals pertaining to both. You can attend classes casually, to get the best out of your dance & fitness, to book into a term. Here's what 2021 looks like at a glance & what the focus of the season is:

Season One; Social Dancing

Term One - 4th January to 14th February

Term Two - 15th February to 28th March

Season Two; Performances

Term Three - 29th March to 9th May 👈🏽 Now running

Term Four - 10th May to 20th June

Winter Holiday; Workshops

21st June to 4th July

Season Three; Social Dancing

Term Five - 5th July to 15th August

Term Six - 16th August to 26th September

Season Four; Performances

Term Seven - 27th September to 7th November

Term Eight - 8th November to 19th December

Summer Holiday; Workshops

20th December to 2nd January




Private Lessons are a great way to ensure you get that one on one attention you need. You can book a single lesson, a pack of 3 or 5.