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Julie and Miquel Salsa Dancing


We              you'll be able to dance basics by the end of your first class!


You might walk in not really knowing what you've gotten yourself into but you'll walk out having a LOT OF FUN, having a laugh, meeting new people and maybe, just maybe realising you don't have two left feet after all 💃🏽🕺🏻

 Get Dancing Today! 💃🏽👯🕺🏻

How do you know these classes are for you?

  • Whether you danced as a kid or not at all, you'll be welcomed into beginner-friendly classes

  • Whether you have a partner/friend or will be flying solo, you'll find yourself in inclusive & friendly classes

  • Whether you want to learn a partner style or a solo dance style, you'll find classes for both

  • Whether you want to join a group class, take private lessons or dance at home with our classes on-demand, you'll find an option to suit your comfortability


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Julie Lloyd

This place has something for everyone with a diverse range of solo and partner styles, fun social nights, and performance opportunities. The teachers are all amazing and can cater to any level from complete beginner to advanced. I love how passionate they are about music and dance, and how they are dedicated to help us become the best versions of ourselves. Overall a friendly and inclusive environment with amazing people and fun classes. I cannot recommend this enough.

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Ammar H

A studio with a great vibe and on the famous Lygon St dining area. Established by a lovely bunch of people and survived the pandemic!
Friendly and experienced instructors, clases are engaging and enjoyable. The studio also offers free classes to check out the place and see if it is for you.
I highly recommend a visit!

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Fantastic school with dedicated dancers and teachers. They have a wide range of dance classes and an excellent timetable. Great for beginners as well as more established dancers. The room is large and there is also a smaller room and both are also available for hire. Would definitely recommend!

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Get social with us

Community & TV Appearances

Our instructors and students have been a part of some pretty cool community events and television appearances over the years. Here are just a few where you'll have seen us dance salsa Melbourne, Bachata Melbourne & Samba Melbourne!

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